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The brand was originally founded in 1957 by 7 Bell S.p.A, a Tuscan atelier, known for its superior quality garments and first producer of Italian denim. Authenticity and a passion for excellence fuel the President’s project. Pride for the product crafted in Tuscany is the defining note. CEO and creative director Guido Biondi is the brains behind the label.

The AW19 'Mughal Stories' collection takes inspiration to the empire of the same name that ruled most of India and Pakistan in the 16th and 17th centuries. The trademark is the use of precious materials and models from our historical archive, revisited in a contemporary key. From alpaca wool, to real shearling, to technical fabric; every outerwear represents a right balance between tradition and innovation, with a refined research in details.

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  1. Coat Egg Cashmere
    As low as €1,308.00
  2. Jacket Varsity Real Shearling
    As low as €1,095.00
  3. Jacket Twenty-Two Check
    As low as €458.00
  4. Coat Egg Alpaca Wool Natural
    Out of stock
  5. G1 Leather Down Jacket
    As low as €1,130.00
  6. Trench Humphrey Check
    As low as €870.00
  7. Coat Egg Alpaca Blue Navy
    As low as €790.00
  8. Blazer Blanket Herringbone wool
    As low as €437.00
  9. Trench Reverse Herringbone Wool
    Out of stock
  10. Jacket Master Loro Piana Wool
    As low as €749.00
  11. Montgomery Sukno
    As low as €544.00
  12. Gilet Real Shearling
    As low as €637.00
  13. Jacket Salvation Mughal
    Out of stock

13 Items

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